Frequently Asked Questions

  • First appointments are typically 75 minutes long and involve collecting information about your current symptoms, assessing your health goals, and deciding if any lab work is needed in order to gain a more complete understanding of your health picture. Physical examinations will also be conducted as part of your ongoing care.

    Prior to your first visit, you can complete a health questionnaire and submit it to us via fax, emailing or by dropping it off in person at the clinic. If this is not possible, please arrive 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled time slot on your first visit to complete all the needed documentation.

    Follow-up appointments are generally 30-60 minutes, depending on your case. Please bring any recent lab-work from your family physician to the appointment along with a list of pharmaceuticals and natural medicines you are taking.

    To ensure patients receive appropriate treatment and diagnosis, Dr. Tardik works with several laboratories, including Gamma Dynacare and Life labs.

  • Naturopathic Doctors treat a wide variety of health concerns. This may include gastrointestinal concerns to prevention of side effects of chemotherapy. During the free 15 minute visit, Dr. Tardik N.D. can discuss your particular concerns and potential treatment options.

  • No, patients are encouraged to have transparent communication with all their health care providers. Many patients use a combination of medical and Naturopathic treatments for optimal outcomes.

  • Services from a Naturopathic Doctor are not covered by OHIP. Many private health insurance providers however, offer partial or full coverage for Naturopathic treatments. Consult with your health insurance provider for more information.

  • Every effort is taken to minimize drug/herbal or nutrient interactions. All medications must be disclosed at the initial consult to minimize any treatment interactions. A list of all medications and supplements should be listed on the intake form or brought on a separate form.