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Integrative Cancer Care / Parenteral Therapy

Comfortable, relaxing private rooms for Intravenous therapy provide an environment free from stress, allowing for a more personal approach to treatment.

What is Parenteral Therapy?

Parenteral therapy is the administration of a substance via a route other than through the digestive tract. For example, some substances are injected into the muscle, vein or fat tissue.

Under certain circumstances, administering certain substances into the vein or muscle offers a therapeutic advantage. Specifically, some natural substances are better absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract while others absorb better via into the vein.

Who should use IV nutrient therapy?

Some patients with compromised intestinal absorption, caused by chemotherapy or inflammatory bowel disease may require parenteral therapy to achieve a given outcome. Dr. Tardik uses parenteral therapy for specific health indications and will discuss this in detail during your consultation.

Some indications for parenteral therapy include: mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy/radiation, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic headaches and management of chronic pain.

How long is a typical visit for IV therapy?

Treatments may range from 30-75 minutes depending on the substance used and the condition being treated. Aside from the small discomfort from the initial needle initial prick, these treatments are generally painless.